Saturday, October 19, 2019

Team and Leadership Recommendations Research Paper

Team and Leadership Recommendations - Research Paper Example Nando’s Restaurant has devised the method of improving its leadership and performance as the staff motivation (Hambley & Kline 2007, p. 142). The first team to be considered in the strategy is HR team. This is because they are the immediate people who will influence and change the attitude of the entire employees, as they are the immediate people dealing with other employees direct. HR team should be motivated in various ways. They should be given time to attend frequent leadership seminars and training (Harris, Hopkins & Chapman 2013, p. 63). This will enable them to acquire more skills, which will enable them to lead by example and motivate the other employees. The HR team should be given chance to give their new ideas on how the services can be improved or solve certain problems. This will make the HR team feel comfortable when delivering their duties as they feel they are part of the organization. The shareholders should consult the team before taking any step or making an y decision concerning employees’ performances. (Lumby & Coleman 2007, p. 61). This is a kind of motivation on the HR team, as they feel recognized before any decision is made in the company.HR team should employ the theory of team formation when trying to meet the targets of the organization. HR team together with other managers and supervisors should convince the other employees to form teams. When the employees work in teams it will be easy as they will work together aiming the same target.

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