Monday, July 29, 2019

Employment Law - Employment Discrimination Research Paper

Employment Law - Employment Discrimination - Research Paper Example This research will begin with the statement that employment discrimination is defined as the adoption of lesser ways of dealing with other employees or potential employees based on their demographic characteristics. In such instances, employees are treated based on their gender, race, age and even religion, thus affecting the chances of certain individuals from acquiring employment. Discrimination, though common in different parts of the world, is disastrous to the economy as potential employees with the ability to deliver are excluded from the market. In Saudi Arabia, gender employment discrimination is common and this has been attributed to the conservative religious culture in the country. The Islamic law and the social norms and traditions in the country have retracted economic progress in the country, a factor that is attributed to the disparity. According to a report released by the human rights watch, the level of gender discrimination at the workplace has significantly increa sed in Saudi Arabia. This, the report attributes to the various employment requirements that have been put in place in the country based on the sharia laws. The belief expressed by this report that gender discrimination has increased in Saudi Arabia does not put into account the traditional need to protect women in society, especially those in the workplace. As a result, for a woman to enter into an organization, she is placed under the supervision and leadership of a male supervisor.

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