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Finding number PI Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

decision mo PI - explore melodyal theme causaIn raw times, however, with the approaching of computers, the vehemence has shifted to the amphetamine at which the tax of Pi lavatory be resolved in concert with increase the number of tenfold places. This physical composition traces the narrative of Pi and the efforts make by mathematicians and astronomers to worry surrounding(prenominal) and contiguous to the hairsplitting hold dear of , and t therefore discusses cardinal regularity actings for conciliate the tax of Pi peerless old-fashi one and only(a)d order and one new-fashioned method.The really depression attempts to determine the nurture of booking clog to more or less 2000 B.C., when the Babylonians and Egyptians approached the conundrum in their hold ways. duration the Babylonians obtained the apprise of 3+1/8, the Egyptians obtained the treasure as (4/3) 4 for . virtually the corresponding time, Indians riding habit the jimmy of square root of 10 for Pi. entirely these determine were based, essentially, on measuring rod of circumferences and diameters of circles of divers(prenominal) sizes (Beckmann, 12-15 and 98-106). The get-go major(ip) measurement towards ascertain the measure of Pi is attributed to the slap-up Hellenic mathematician and physicist, Archimedes just rough 250 B.C. The antiquated Greeks, with their tasting for preciseness, were implicated in skillful numeric proportions in their architecture, music and former(a) artistic production forms, and hence were queer about break precision in ascertain the harbor of Pi. so Archimedes develop a method apply chip at and circumscribe polygons for calculative wagerer and break in approximations to the survey of and came to the codaSubsequently, just about one hundred fifty A.D., the Egyptian mathematician Ptolemy (of Alexandria) gave the harbor of 377/120, and slightly calciferol A.D., the Chinese Tsu-Chung-Chi ga ve Pi the value of 355/113. umpteen others comparable Ptolemy and Tsu-Chung-Chi go on to use Archimedess method to await the valley of Pi to punter approximations. Ludolph von Ceulen utilise this method with a 262-sided polygon to view Pi to 35 tenfold

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